There’s never an excuse for Harry Potter

I’ve grown up in the magical world of Harry Potter and I’m most definitely not a muggle.

So, imagine my excitement and joy when I found out that there was a Harry Potter Exhibition in town! (In town, referring to Singapore of course.) So, Wednesday morning, I found myself work-free for a couple of hours. And I hopped onto the MRT and headed to Marina Bay Sands MRT station from where I had to walk across the swanky mall to get to the Art Science Museum where the exhibition is being held. The walk through the mall was like a ‘holycrapexoensivestuffeverywhere’ moment, but hey it did make for pretty sights! Although, I do wonder why those ‘brands’ are so expensive? I mean, what’s the necessity?

The AS museum is a pretty structure and while I was hanging around on the outside, it drizzled and the view across the river was misty and pretty, with a hint of light falling across. But, I was quite in an excitement-induced hurry and rushed inside. Since, the number of folks visiting the exhibition was quite low, we could wander around for a good while. The sad part is they didn’t let me take a photo inside the exhibition, but take my word : it was splendiferous! Looking at the props, the clothes, accessories, classroom equipment and so many other things, I was amazed at how much creativity and talent has gone into designing each part of the set. It was truly beautiful. As for the feast-display in the Great Hall, goodness, they looked so delectable! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is something not to be missed.

So, on the way back, I explored a bit, and enjoyed walking around until I reached the Durian building (or Esplanade) after which it was just an MRT ride back to the lab. It’s always a pleasure to walk around Singapore – mainly because the streets are clean and it’s just so much of a nicer experience than it is, here.



4 thoughts on “There’s never an excuse for Harry Potter

  1. HP exhbiition?! So cool! You are lucky. did you see Hedwig? I love her! It’s sad that she had to die in such a horrible way.


  2. love the picture quality of your pics ! 🙂 which camera ? and is there no like option to your blogs ! they’re funny , cool and beautiful language , well expressed ! love them all ! 🙂


    1. Haha! The like option exists. I’m positive of it. But hey, neeyum, this time, you can post stuff from Nippon-ville! ;D

      Which camera?! XD Some very normal Nikon!


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