Between the Spaghetti-ly Appendage

So, one of the interesting things that happened (albeit earlier), was my discovery of lunch-food.

Well, obviously lunch is at the university campus, and being a vegetarian, my first day looking through the different stalls had me thinking how I was going to survive lunch. Granted, there is a good-ish Indian food stall, which has meat-free food, it didn’t taste right. Perhaps, I am being a bit silly, but I had just left home the first week, and when food doesn’t taste right, it’s sure to be a good deterrent to all other activity. (Well, I do enjoy trying different cuisine, but as long as there is a meat-free option)

I found out that the canteen in the graduate residence, Koufu, has some gorgeous gorgeous yoghurt of a host of flavours. But that isn’t substantial, no. It does have some good Indian food, but it’s a bit far to go to everyday for lunch.

I digress.

Anyway, I made my amazing lunch-discovery at a small counter where they had Arabiatta! After emphatically telling the woman who works there to make sure no meat enter into it, I tried my first Arabiatta pasta at the NUS Science canteen. And, perhaps, it isn’t as amazing as a more expensive one, but this was yummy, filling and an excellent deal for 2SGD. Sometimes, I add on a hashbrown (for a long time, I thought they were some kind of fried fish, but NO!) or corn or carrots or baked beans. Suffice to say, I pretty much eat there all the time now.

One of the lovelier aspects of this stall – even though it has one of the longest queues, is that they pick your order when you’re lined up and call you out as soon as what you’ve ordered is ready. Which means my spaghetti is always really early. The woman at the stall now recognizes me and with a smile, she quips ‘Spaghetti arabiatta?’ “Of course yes”, I nod back with a smile.

Some of the lab-folk as well seem to have taken a liking for the spaghetti. Success, yes?!


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