Weekend Retreat and April’s Writing Madness

So, we (the family) spent quite  a lot of cash to spend the weekend at a beachside resort  in a picturesque room within a minute’s walk to the Bay of Bengal sea. Well, it also happens to be that our house is also about a minute’s walk from this very sea, just about 50km apart. Oh well, to each their own and dolo par la familia.

Of course it was fun. What’s not to enjoy about clean beaches, (yes clean!), pool with a bar, and boat rides in the sea and food. Food. Good food is heavenly. Anyway.

It couldn’t have come at a better time though. With NaPoWriMo (I thin a petition needs to be started rename it to InPoWriMo for international) starting, it was a great way to relax and crank up creative juices.

With NaPo getting under way, I’ve finally managed to create a dent in this creativity-block that’s been plaguing me for a while. So far, so good, I’ve been managing a poem a day.  I’m refraining from looking at what I’ve written so far in case the reader in me starts picking at words and lines, noticing absurdities in them. And although, I am not going to post them poetries on here, here are the titles so far:

lullabies lost on the highway

reductions in red

to my child

A nighttime tale of Parkinson’s

Intravenous injection

I think the last two are clearly a sign of the fact that my current state is playing with my brain. Because, yes, I’ve been sick for the past two days. I’m blaming it on the heat. I can’t wait for an escapay.

And speaking of writing, there’s an ongoing battle with words while trying to complete the project report/thesis writing. But then. Soon. It will be over. And I’ll soon become one of those ‘passed out’ people. Graduated, to all you non-Indians.

To leave off with something I read off the internet : While organizing my references, I always sing the A-B-C alphabet song. This is like going back to kindergarten.



2 thoughts on “Weekend Retreat and April’s Writing Madness

  1. Yay on NaPo! I was kind of thinking about doing it this year, but then all of a sudden it was the third of April and I remembered that I had exams to prepare for. I might manage a few, but I doubt I’ll get the full thirty.


    1. Ooh, good luck on what you manage in churning out! This being final year; and the fact that I’m almost done with my thesis means I have a fair amount of time to play with the pretend-poet in me.


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