Philly bound in Pictures

I am not really fond of air travel. But I do quite enjoy the take-off and landing parts, mainly for the aerial view that you get. That perspective is absolutely interesting!

After, literally the longest day of my life, I finally reached Philadelphia.  And leaving the airport, the skyline was quite  pretty sight.

It’s been a week since I reached here; and I don’t want to ramble on the culture-shock-like things, but just first impressions.  Besides the pretty lights, it was quite dark and honestly, I was hellishly tired to actually see what I was looking at.

One week down the road, we have just about finished buying furniture from IKEA. IKEA’s a gorgeous place that’s so arranged that it tugs at your subconscious to buy so many things. Do not get tempted, folks.

And. Then. There’s the story of Walmart. Remember the video “Alex and Liam do Walmart“? I was quite amazed at the size of walmart here; and I just had to get that book that Alex did from Walmart. I don’t have a camouflage Tshirt though.

But. Walmart. Goodness, I think it’s a huge nightmare to shop there. There’s just so much; and so much walking and so many things and the sheer amount drove me crazy. Maybe, I’ll just stick to ordering online.

Anyway. Picture Gallery, since that’s always something to look at:

P.S. I have to say Happy birthday, Chennai

P.P.S. It’s time I updated the ‘about’ section.


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