Sounds of Silence

Listen. To the sound of clackety keys on a keyboard. There are a lot of different things that you can find just by listening to that. There’s a marked difference in pressing the last letter of a word or the full stop of a sentence. The last word to an essay stops ends with a satisfying (or not) click. In some cases, the full stops are pauses but for a teeny part of a second. Then, there is the pause when you measure every word you type out. You pause when you’re unsure of the spelling, and then plunge right in letting the spellchecker do its work.

There’s a furious war with the backspace and delete and tab as you’re rushing to meet a deadline. And then frustrated punching of F5 for that important website to load. Or more lazily, using the arrow keys to scroll through social media updates. The loudest of them is the Spacebar. Of course. What did you expect?

Windows shut and blinds are pulled down. It’s too cold and the fans are off. Still. Silent. A few of us were camped in one room, just sitting and talking and after a point we just sat in the silence. Probably best summed up by what one of them said – Shanti. A moment of blissful ignorance  flashed by and then it’s gone.

Silence is a Sunday night on big red armchairs in the library – working and sleeping. The sound of thoughts speeding by in your head is deafening.

To quote Patrick Rothfuss in The Kingkiller Chronicles ” it was a silence of three parts.”

…And I break these parts all the time.

Image - 29 Sep 2013 22.21.52
Couches at Van Pelt Library

Happy October, folks.


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