Roads that lead into December

It’s December! Probably one of the best months in the Gregorian calendar. I know some people who say the fifth of December is the best day of the best month. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. It comes a really close second in my opinion.

November is a peculiar month. These past four years, it was the sem-exam time. When we would run around getting all those last-minute photocopies. November, here, starts off with post-Halloween partying that leads into Black Friday. Oh wait, not to forget Thanksgiving in between there. Consumerism is almost like a religion. And the end of this coupon crazed, doorbusting sale is the putting up of Christmas lights. And Christmas music. Tinsel town, anyone?

It’s intriguing how you get to know someone through the words they spew, linking to form the verses of stories. Or through the books read; and discussions made. You begin to associate certain written styles with certain people. Of the books they would like. Is this a granfalloon (Cat’s Cradle)?

                        fragrant lamps




As a part of human evolution and psychology, are we attuned to look for patterns in everything? Are we trying to set at rest, our hyperactive mind, by forming these connections? Is it because we’re built on networks encompassing different ideas?

Looking back, I search for those footprints. Like most, they are lost to the sun, sand and snow. I know of their existence. I just can’t seem to trace the details – whether it landed heel first or on tippy toes. Whether I was wearing the one pair of shoes with interestingly patterned soles or not.  See, I would’ve loved to mention the clack-clack of pointy-heels; but, I don’t own such pairs. The distance between each, measured as my feet decided to grow from a kids size 13 into the first “adult size 1”. Lather, rinse, repeat. Somewhere along the line, I stopped having my height marked on the wall. I’m sure, there is now  an “R” higher than a loopy “L” on the wall.

Nunc est bibendum, nunc pede mlibero pulsanda tellus.

Sometimes, an escape is the perfect place to start it all over. Get a fresh perspective. To get lost and find something new.

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.


December is here. Light up. It will be fun, that is almost guaranteed.

P.S. Yes, Latin much. To quote a very famously quoted person from the undergrad time – “Yeny praablem?”

Cat’s cradle. Highly recommended.


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