eat | Peanut Butter

Can you go wrong with peanut butter? Nothing quite like the processed, sweet peanut butter, right? I mean, almond butter, walnut butter and all other nut butters pale in comparison.
(Well, I’ll admit throwing in some raisins in the  mix is awful – but that has more to do with my hatred of raisins than love of creamy, yummy peanut butter.)

It even works great as a flavour – unlike those fruit flavours which don’t ever resemble the taste of the fruit ( Yes, I’m looking at you mango and banana.) – to add into frozen yogurt, ice cream, coffee etc.

Have you  tried slathering it on apples? They’re pretty awesome. And it’s always a little more fun to add a chunk of peanut butter to milkshakes. And the best part, the brother prefers Nutella over peanut butter, which basically means that the entire jar is always mine.

This was my first taste of what gloriousness (not even the best form of)peanut butter could be :


And then came jars,  peanut butter based recipes and all that, which includes making (or “assisting” mom make ) peanut butter barfis. The cookie attempts ended up in finishing up the cookie dough amongst ourselves, the kid brother and I.


Or as Joey would describe the essence of peanut butter fingers:


In the end, it all boils down to this:peanut-butter-solves-everything


Except perhaps study-focus.
Okay. So, this is probably a very random tumblr-esque post. I know. It’s not the kind I enjoy writing, either. But trying to get through finals has my brain all woozy.


On the more writerly side, NaPo is pretty good. I definitely seem to be focusing on themes of sun. Clearly, Chennai is being missed. I just may post a couple of excerpts at the end of this month.




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