Words. They are like a magical whiff of sparkles sprinkled about on a page. Little squiggle patterns in a myriad of scripts capturing the essence of humans. This reminds of (yes, another!) quote:

words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. Not only do words infect, ergotise, narcotise, and paralyse, but they enter into and colour the minutest cells of the brain, very much as madder mixed with a stag’s food at the Zoo colours the growth of the animal’s antlers.

– Rudyard Kipling


They do seem to have a phenomenal intrinsic value and it’s trying to play with these words, to string them like a pearl necklace (or a chain of broken stones) to create a form that interests me so. Of course, they’re not always the best thing – your words could literally kill a character by murder, zombify the person only to kill them again. You could adopt/save a word  at a website I used years ago. The one I picked was sillage. I love that word. It sounds so beautiful, doesn’t it? My NaPo line with this word : ”

She weaves a summer sillage”

Anyway, at the end of NaPoWriMo, I feel like I have to comment on how it went. So first things’ first. I did it! 30 days, a poem a day! What did it feel like? A cathartic creative outburst during the weeks that led to finals. Did I have an epiphany moment? Nope, still sifting through my words to figure things out. What were the fun-est things? besides the writing, impromptu poeting sessions, of course!
In any case, here are some of the lines from this years NaPo:






5 thoughts on “Word(less)

  1. Lava ❤
    I love this post! Words are such powerful energies. Kipling puts it beautifully.
    I remember the site! I adopted a word too. It was pastiche. 😀
    Congratulations on completing Napo. I love the first extract!


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