The Quest for Dosa : NYC

The title is a rip off from this blog. This blog writer, besides sharing a love for dosa, also happens to be someone I know quite well!

Even a year back, birthday celebrations at home involved finding out new restaurants to try, stuffing out faces with cake (I miss you, Cake Walk) and quite possibly heading to the beach. Sometimes, my mom would make gulab jamuns, which never last more than a few days.filter kaapi

Contrary to that, here in the US, birthdays seem to be a day to take an effort to find a place where you get good dosas and idli,vadai, pongal. What was once an everyday meal, has now become somewhat of a big birthday treat.

It’s sad that Philly seems to have some good food places, but not even one place where I can get a good dosa or ‘thali meals’ and enjoy the spices of sambar. And that, readers, is how we ended up in New York City, for the sole purpose of eating dosa. Of course, we ended up at Saravana Bhavan, chomping down food with visible grins on our faces, to finish off the meal with filter kaapi. Of course it’s not worth a trip if we don’t bring packed boxes.

It’s an interesting contrast to observe. It goes to show how much of the commonplace I’ve thought would be forever. This only means that I need to work on those culinary skills.

Have any of you gone in search of good food to another place? Just to enjoy eating something so good and reminiscent of home?


In other news, one of the saddest things that can possibly happen is the next time I meet a certain bunch of my friends is if it is at one of their weddings. (I’m looking at you, S).


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