One plus.

So, one of the nicer things about summer is this stillness that sets in during the weekends – particularly on campus.

It’s beautiful to sit on the lawn, just to watch the one odd person walk by while reading a book. The summer sun, that filters through the canopy on Locust Walk is another beautiful sight, forcing a smile. This is summer happiness. I remember a conversation once, where the discussion was on how we experience the wave of winter gloom that peaks at summer’s happiness while perpetual summer would flatten out this emotional curve. I wonder. I used to run under the monsoon rains back home – just as long as it wasn’t raining inside the bus I was sitting in while commuting. This is most definitely not metaphorical. Speaking of books, it’s so refreshing to just plunge into one book after another.  Thank you Summer, for this.

In any case, it’s been one full year at Penn. An amazing year- I’ve learned so much in this one year that listing them out would be a huge task. It’s also been a year of meeting some great new people, interesting food experiences and of course, getting lost in new territory. There’s also a part of me that is looking forward to the getting back to school, the Penn experience, if you will.

Just minutes before the Independence Day Celebration begins back in India, I’m sitting in Milwaukee, WI, with tomato, coconut and mint chutney. This is our celebration, in front of the TV. Another conversation, where we touched upon how every place has its own atmosphere, charm and culture, and it is quite exciting to take ‘home’ with you some of the things you have found “good”. Home is in quotes, for obvious reasons. The internet has spewed out some pretty amazing things, one of which is a video of Indians and Pakistanis on a phone conversation. The other is a nostalgic tale of Madras.

This post ended up being posted later than I’d expected to. I started writing it on the 13th of August – that’s when my dad had called (4am IST) to let me know that it’s been a year. But Milwaukee, in it’s pretty green scenery, beaches and cheese captivated my interests. It’s funny how I also think of Philadelphia as a home now.

Another conversation, where we discussed the joys of travel, we spoke of how you find the subtle differences in each place you visit – the people, the atmosphere, culture and sounds. And how, it helps you reflect on what you think is something you consider ‘good’ and take it back home with you.

It’s been one tangled, crazy and beautiful journey. Cheers.


2 thoughts on “One plus.

  1. I’m glad to see you had a good year. Here’s to the next one being just as great ^.^ Oh, and the scene you described at the beginning where you sit outside and read sounds lovely. I wish I was there myself!


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