Perspectives (1)

367ebf6e295a11e39fb622000aaa1012_8I was trying to come up with some sort of a theme to motivate my blog posting; and I’m going to work with the word ‘perspectives’ as a central theme; and work around that. So here’s post numero uno!

If you have been on facebook recently, you might have noticed another chain of ‘tags’ asking people to list out books which have made an impact. While I’m not one for following those tagged challenges, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity on talking about books now, could I?

Little did I remember though, I had chalked up a post, in response to another blogger, about top 10 authours I am thankful for. So, interesting comparisons can be made!


All Quiet on the Western Front Enid Blyton
The Giver J.K. Rowling
Matilda John Green
Tuesdays with Morrie Ian McEwan
Harry Potter Series Ayn Rand
Prey Jane Austen
The Double Helix J.D. Salinger
Atonement Roald Dahl
The Brain that changes itself Tan Twan Eng
A Thousand Splendid Suns Stephen Chbosky



As you can see, there are the obvious overlaps – does this mean these books have impacted more so over the others? Perhaps, yes, given how my brain immediately jumps to those.

Speaking of brains, I do remember now, I had consciously omitted The Brain that changes itself in the previous list because I wanted to stick to fiction.

As for this time ’round, it was another conscious decision on my part to not include any of Ayn Rand’s books in this list. It’s one of those weird books – it hooked the teenager me showed me new ideas and an incomplete understanding of the philosophy she propagated captivated my interests. I guess it sort of impacted me in a sense, but hey, I’ve grown to realize that I don’t quite subscribe to that anymore. But I do think it forced little naive me to look for different perspectives on the different scenarios.

This exercise though left me with the realization that I don’t read as much as I used to. Remedies may not be as easy as overnight book-immersions with a cup of tea, as calming as it sounds.


Perspectives are inherently interesting.


3 thoughts on “Perspectives (1)

  1. Our reading styles do change as we, well, also change I suppose. It was nice to see your two lists. I have also done this tag, and although I did list 10 books I love, I know I have more than ten favourites 😉 Thanks for sharing Lava!


  2. I did this tag on Facebook and then again on my blog, by changing it a little – about books that I want to own in my library. The giver, Harry potter series, Prey would definitely make my list too.


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