Perspectives (2)


Some environments are more conducive to a certain type of work than others. Some require a stream of white noise while studying. I do agree, there have been studies claiming that it doesn’t affect your verbal learning style, but there are possibly different degrees of each learning style as applied to one person.

Then again, a rainy day with a chill in the air produces a stream of patter-noises on the window. Maybe you want to pick up a nice cup of hot tea and listen to music on loud. Or perhaps it is the perfect time to cuddle up with a book? To what extent are these driven by social norms and expressions in any case?

Some experiences invigorate a person’s mind like no other – be it an intellectual conversation, a debate or a hike.

I find the views from above the clouds awe-inspiring. On the one hand, there is a sense of amazement at just how beautiful the earth is, where lines are but a squiggles on a two dimensional representation. And then, there is sense of awakening the muse, eager to take in the blissful sights of skimming over white fluff, the road vines and tiny buildings. If it were a giant LEGO playset, it would be brilliant. But then again, you see a stream of vehicles moving steadily; and a certain section of the road still as if time stopped. Traffic jams are interesting to observe from way high above. There is a collective motion of people at stadiums, watching some sport. Stretches of farmland appear to be a quilt work of colours. All of this forces me to pick up a pen and write. Writing offers new paths to explore; and to see the same old with a fresh pair of eyes. And flying above the clouds is just the same; and it just leaves me thinking “Wow, the earth is beautiful!”




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