Lighting up the carved pumpkins

Happy Halloween!

Like all little kids, I was fascinated by Halloween. Costumes and candy? Halloween candy, decor and spooky-orange-themes? Why the hell not, right? But of course, 8-year old me didn’t get to go “Trickatreating”, much less know what it actually meant.

Thinking up of a costume is so much fun though! There’s a sense of releasing the inner creative child and letting her run about the meadows with buckets of paint and a gigantic infectious smile.

Among all this though, there is the “Terror Behind the Walls” held at the Eastern State Penitentiary, here. This prison from the 18th century, probably the most famous prison of that era was designed to focus on using isolation as a correctional principle, was “home” to Al Capone for a while as well. Of course, America like to take pride and clearly does a brilliant job of anything ‘historic’ and this place was no stranger to tourists flocking.

Terror Behind the Walls – an event where there is a haunted prison set up with adventures inside the prison at night is an annual thing to look forward to. Having heard a lab mate talk about this, I was convinced – I had to visit it! At the end of it? AHMAZING. Seriously, I would do it all over again. Definitely worth the money I had spent! It was the right amount of insane fun and scary. Having opted for the interactive mode, the actors would be allowed to touch us; and separate us from our group etc. If I had to pick the best section of this, i would say it’s a tie between the Infirmary and Neon – with 3D glasses and neon colours. The actors clearly have a great time scaring people; and the strobe lights/fog just enhanced the effects. Plus, the whole pentientiary has these little cells and worn-apart rooms which make it perfect for such an adventure.

Bottom line : Just go! And then do it again next year!

Quotes overheard, chronologically:

Two girls behind us:



Zombie #25216 *points finger at me*:
“You there. Stand there and count the cracks on the wall”


Zombie Doctor at the Infirmary:

“We need your eyes”
“Do you want a lollipop?”


The two girls behind us:



Zombie#56546 – worldy-wise one.

“Tum kahaan jaa rahi ho?”


The two girls behind us:

“AAAAAAHHH ” *ducks*


And finally, if I ever visit any other Haunted House attraction, it will have to better this.


I guess that’s enough time spent procrastinating. Back to work. I wish I had the time to do something though.
P.S. Presentations given by people in costumes – they’re the best!



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