In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”

So, if you’ve wandered around my blog, I’m sure you would have chanced upon the ‘About Me‘ section of the blog – which was last updated over a year and half back. It is also fitting, as I recently received a notification telling me that I had missed my WP anniversary. I’ve also managed a few other blogs, some of which I had deleted purely for its awful titles that I had come up with. So, let’s just go ahead with this one.

This Daily Prompt made me reflect on the title – A Jumping Gene.

When I had started the blog, I was cycling through words associations in my head which would signify my love for science and travel. Somehow, somewhere, my brain chuckled at the thought of Jumping Genes, for obvious reasons if you read that About Me page. To be honest, now, it seems like an odd choice, because these transposable elements are complicated in the repeatedness, structure and function – which I sure did not really comprehend back then


And so it comes to today. Here I am, super excited about the field of genetics/genomics (hush hush, we will not discuss the distinctions between the two) and I definitely understand that I can’t quite understand all of the ridiculously complicated aspects of it. It’s fascinating that there is so much we could understand from it, if it all played out in a nice and clear symphony. Oh, if only – but the layers of confusion is quite exciting. I’ve since seen the evolution of my twitter feed and WP Reader feed incorporating a lot more ‘follows’ on some of the internet science celebs. I have read far fewer books and spent one too many hours on Netflix. As I’m typing this, I am also reading a PNAS article, with the intention of teaching a couple of rambunctious little kidlets the ‘how to-s’ of reading a paper. It seems like a daunting task, trying to distil the information for myself and kids’ perceptions. Talk about comfort zones!

Having started this blog, I sure have traveled a fair bit, and definitely entrenched myself a lot more in science. So, yes, it’s been fun!

Hopefully  by the next blog post, I will have explored a bit more of Baltimore to write about this place.


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