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Jumping Genes, also called transposons are chunks of DNA that move from one location to another.

Wikipedia says:

A transposable element (TE) is a DNA sequence that can change its relative position (self-transpose) within the genome of a single cell. The mechanism of transposition can be either “copy and paste” or “cut and paste”. 

Why are they totally weird and interesting? Because it shows just how dynamic that molecule called DNA is. How your DNA is constantly changing. Some of these have copy number of ~1 million when we have about 3 billion base pairs.

Speaking of DNA, seeing your own strand of DNA in a test tube is a strange experience. Humbling, making you feel insignificant, yet oddly making you think ‘curioser and curioser’.

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Hello ! I am Laavanya, a grad student at University of Pennsylvania and in a certain phase of uni [insert cauldron of emotions]. I’m from this amazing and chaotic city called Chennai in India.

This blog sprouted as a result of my summer internship at Singapore about all the quirky travel incidents in Singapore. Now that that’s done, hopefully, this blog will run for at least a couple of years with other adventures/travel related posts.

With grad school in a whole ‘nother part of the world, there’s bound to be some tales.


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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by on blog. Well, I just happened to notice that you did your summer internship at Singapore. Call it a coincidence because I too formed the idea of coming up with a blog only after my internship at Singapore with the National University of Singapore 😀 Happy blogging.


    1. Well hey, look at that?! That’s a great coincidence!

      I did look through your blog; and looking at those images of Singapore brought out some memories. 🙂
      P.S. There was a chocolate buffet during weekends or something at Fullerton. Tried it?


        1. Oh no I am not. I had interned at NUS for 3 months during my third year summer vacations (2012). Now that I have graduated from engineering, I am working at a global automobile major in Bangalore.


        2. Indeed it is! Making the whole world into a small village. All the more fascinating to know that each one of us are separated by just 6 people !!! That’s a wonder. Great concept and thanks a lot for enlightening me on the subject too 😛



      Eep! Thank you, muchly! As before, I enjoy reading your blog – and I adore your words. I should probably put up a post regarding this, since I didn’t really want to put up one of those blog award posts, but thanks!


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