500 days of {all four seasons}

Some seasons have been kinder than others. But in all, I have reached home after spending 500 days in the US. Kind of an interesting piece of information that my grandpa greeted me with as I yanked my suitcase, with the nighttime heat welcoming me as I stepped into Chennai. Actually, crying babies and rude […]

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Poetry from the past

April showers indeed. I am definitely glad to be out of Winter’s Cloak. Get rid of the layers. it is akin to shedding skin, finally. It seems like the mention of spring resonates with ideas of happiness, colour, flowers, nature and inspiration. Does it seem like spring has affected me? I sure hope so. It […]

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Here’s to ‘The Beach’

follow the footprints in the sand with words in the wind and corn in your hand. across the still sand, rolling waves dig out buried feet with seafoam sprays Clearly, ‘The Beach’ is one of my favourite places. And to the uninitiated, I’m referring to the Elliot’s Beach, Chennai. (Wiki link, yes!)┬áBesides the fact that […]

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