The Quest for Dosa : NYC

The title is a rip off from this blog. This blog writer, besides sharing a love for dosa, also happens to be someone I know quite well! Even a year back, birthday celebrations at home involved finding out new restaurants to try, stuffing out faces with cake (I miss you, Cake Walk) and quite possibly […]

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Because I’m from Chennai

There are a number of quotes I could pick from to describe my love for Chennai, the place I call home. Words that articulate the love for a place. But those are words about a different home – theirs. In the past couple of months, quite a few people have asked me to write about […]

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Between the Spaghetti-ly Appendage

So, one of the interesting things that happened (albeit earlier), was my discovery of lunch-food.

Well, obviously lunch is at the university campus, and being a vegetarian, my first day looking through the different stalls had me thinking how I was going to survive lunch. Granted, there is a good-ish Indian food stall, which has meat-free food, it didn’t taste right. Perhaps, I am being a bit silly…

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