Between the Spaghetti-ly Appendage

So, one of the interesting things that happened (albeit earlier), was my discovery of lunch-food.

Well, obviously lunch is at the university campus, and being a vegetarian, my first day looking through the different stalls had me thinking how I was going to survive lunch. Granted, there is a good-ish Indian food stall, which has meat-free food, it didn’t taste right. Perhaps, I am being a bit silly…

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Singapore Ahoy!

While, yes although I’ve been here before, there’s a whole new sense of thrill and excitement when you know you’re going to stay for 2 months in a foreign city.
Like the last time, my first sight at Singapore was one of awe and excitement. It was extremely convenient that the flight landed early morning Singapore time and thus, I could have my first aerial view of Singapore. Honestly, I did not bother with pictures, because such pictures wouldn’t justify the pretty sights and I wanted to ‘see’ it rather than ‘see a picture’ of it. Of course, the most striking thing I saw was a lush green golf course and the sea around it.

My first experience with the Singaporean accent was at the airport, where the person who sends you to taxis asked if I had wanted a limousine. But no, that’s not what I heard the first 3 times (it sounded oddly like ‘imsen’ and I had no clue what that was); and he gestured another gent to tell me what he was saying – About 50$ for a Limo

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