Horrible title, yes, you can comment about it! I came home today and realized I was all out of tea.  Not even those reserves of Twinings tea bags. And this reminded me of one of my thathas (because saying granduncle seems too impersonal) who would never be found without his cup of tea or his […]

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Perspectives (2)

  Some environments are more conducive to a certain type of work than others. Some require a stream of white noise while studying. I do agree, there have been studies claiming that it doesn’t affect your verbal learning style, but there are possibly different degrees of each learning style as applied to one person. Then […]

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Perspectives (1)

I was trying to come up with some sort of a theme to motivate my blog posting; and I’m going to work with the word ‘perspectives’ as a central theme; and work around that. So here’s post numero uno! If you have been on facebook recently, you might have noticed another chain of ‘tags’ asking […]

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