Cursive Sculptures

I’ve seen abandoned cars, mines,houses and dogs. But where do the abandoned minds go? Are they floating above in arcs of the lightning forming fissures of black dots like when you close your eyes? What is all these streams of consciousness blends into one visceral creation? Or perhaps it is but a flight of fancy […]

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500 days of {all four seasons}

Some seasons have been kinder than others. But in all, I have reached home after spending 500 days in the US. Kind of an interesting piece of information that my grandpa greeted me with as I yanked my suitcase, with the nighttime heat welcoming me as I stepped into Chennai. Actually, crying babies and rude […]

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Lighting up the carved pumpkins

Happy Halloween! Like all little kids, I was fascinated by Halloween. Costumes and candy? Halloween candy, decor and spooky-orange-themes? Why the hell not, right? But of course, 8-year old me didn’t get to go “Trickatreating”, much less know what it actually meant. Thinking up of a costume is so much fun though! There’s a sense of […]

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This city.

Dear Philadelphia, You know how people swear by you and then others diss you as a blip en route from Washington DC to New York City? I’m sure you’ve heard it too many times. As someone moving to this country for the first time, Philadelphia, I researched about you. People complained about safety – and, […]

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The One Month Checkpoint

It’s been a month since I landed in the USofA, and, well, to sum it up : Wow. Not woooow!, or WOW, or Woah! Just Wow. The exclamation of being overwhelmed, tired, excited, surprised and a tad annoyed all at once. It almost seems like an overload to your sensory system, just because there are […]

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Philly bound in Pictures

I am not really fond of air travel. But I do quite enjoy the take-off and landing parts, mainly for the aerial view that you get. That perspective is absolutely interesting! After, literally the longest day of my life, I finally reached Philadelphia.  And leaving the airport, the skyline was quite  pretty sight. It’s been […]

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