Oranges and Orlando

What symbolizes Orange more than Florida? Or is it the other way? (I think I’ll start this weekly photo challenge blogging theme to keep this alive and running) A trip with friends is amazing – made more so if it’s a reunion meeting up in another country! Familiar faces and tales are a comfort, one […]

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Words. They are like a magical whiff of sparkles sprinkled about on a page. Little squiggle patterns in a myriad of scripts capturing the essence of humans. This reminds of (yes, another!) quote: words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. Not only do words infect, ergotise, narcotise, and paralyse, but they […]

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Happy Days

I haven’t really understood this #100HappyDays project. I see my facebook and instagram pictures with this hashtag and it just leaves me perplexed.  Perhaps, it’s the person that I am, but I just find it weird that people are aiming for a 100 happy days this year. ! Hundred! That’s less than 1/3 of the […]

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Daylight Hours Increase.

Experiencing snow is very much akin to a toddler discovering a new toy. The novelty of it is magical; leaving behind a focused euphoria, ensuring the kid is not distracted by anything else. But like all things shiny, the promise of a wonderland dies and all the kid craves is the familiar scent of the […]

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