One plus.

So, one of the nicer things about summer is this stillness that sets in during the weekends – particularly on campus. It’s beautiful to sit on the lawn, just to watch the one odd person walk by while reading a book. The summer sun, that filters through the canopy on Locust Walk is another beautiful […]

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Voices in my head

The thing about beaches for me, is that, I missed it subconsciously and I never realized just how much it was stuck there until today. That is, when we took a road trip to Atlantic City, I found myself singing to the music and just ecstatic at the fact of going to the beach! Casinos, […]

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Philly bound in Pictures

I am not really fond of air travel. But I do quite enjoy the take-off and landing parts, mainly for the aerial view that you get. That perspective is absolutely interesting! After, literally the longest day of my life, I finally reached Philadelphia.¬† And leaving the airport, the skyline was quite¬† pretty sight. It’s been […]

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