Autumnal Adventures

Autumn. It’s a fascinating time of the year, now that I’m better with slightly colder temperatures. It’s a strange season referred to as both autumn and fall. I mean, which other season gets this distinction? Well I guess you could say winter could be renamed as [insert-swearword-of-choice]COLD. But, I digress. There’s the unmistakable (and disgusting) […]

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All I have are words

The patterns, they started off beautifully. Unlike the rigid structure of jigsaw puzzles, these tesselations, they weaved in and out in intricate thoughts. They rose and fell to the blood flow patterns. They were reminiscent of sparks of neuronal excitement. Signature squiggles that were hanging like vines you could tug at, to be whisked away […]

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Words. They are like a magical whiff of sparkles sprinkled about on a page. Little squiggle patterns in a myriad of scripts capturing the essence of humans. This reminds of (yes, another!) quote: words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. Not only do words infect, ergotise, narcotise, and paralyse, but they […]

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Poetry from the past

April showers indeed. I am definitely glad to be out of Winter’s Cloak. Get rid of the layers. it is akin to shedding skin, finally. It seems like the mention of spring resonates with ideas of happiness, colour, flowers, nature and inspiration. Does it seem like spring has affected me? I sure hope so. It […]

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Sounds of Silence

Listen. To the sound of clackety keys on a keyboard. There are a lot of different things that you can find just by listening to that. There’s a marked difference in pressing the last letter of a word or the full stop of a sentence. The last word to an essay stops ends with a […]

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Literary Musings

Well, of course the fact that I blog must give you a fair sense of the fact that I enjoy writing. Or more precisely, words. How this came about, I cannot fathom, but I guess it’s suffice to say that I hoard words, and dust them out once in a while and throw them about […]

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