The Four-year Transform

It’s everywhere – people say : Enjoy your college years, it will be among the best years of your life.
Naturally, while joining college, I never believed it. I was adamantly sticking onto the school-life fun. And then, you could say ‘college happened’.

I still remember, in first year, a then-final year student said ‘make sure you capture random moments in class’ with a reminiscent smile. And although it wasn’t something I sought to do, subconsciously, there were moments imprinted in all our minds that we now pull just to think of the madness we’ve been through.

It’s a bit ironic that even after all the complaints about college, the bus journeys, the tests, the classes, and rejoicing over a ‘free period’ or ‘that faculty won’t come today’ or the elusive ‘rain holiday’ and how you ‘hate college’, the truth remains that we will miss the camaraderie and craziness that being in a class brought. We’ve all pretended that assignment submission deadlines were ‘not today ma’am; but you said next week/end of the month’. That’s what all thee cool kids, say yo.

Being in a class comprising mostly of the female-species, we’ve witnessed so many dramas that could give the typical Tamil/Hindi soaps a run for its money. As a spectator, it makes for some great entertainment.

And every class will make fun of that one person who is called out to take ‘seminar’ in front of everyone else. This poor person will have to look at the face of their friends who are obviously making funny faces so that the said person would laugh.

Of course people will talk about college ‘preparing you for the real world’ and things like that, but let’s not go there, and revel a little more in the indiosyncracies that made college life fun

  • The teasing
  • Bunking classes
  • Sleeping in classes
  • The silly name calling
  • Group “study” sessions
  • Impromptu birthday celebrations
  • Slip of the tongues and double entendres
  • Cake eating and midnight birthday greetings
  • Eating (it’s definitely more than just freshman fifteen)
  • Complaints – from classes to college to people to teachers
  • The combined efforts and excellent team work during all the tests

When all’s said and done, five years hence, or hell even just one year forward, we will remember not the grades and our academic flailings, but those moments that made you laugh and smile. Even if we all ‘decide to stay in touch’ on the farewell day with a myriad of photos and words; it’s ingrained in our subconscious that ‘this too shall pass’. Yet we smile, hop

Nevertheless, college life, with bad decisions and great acts of randomness, make for the best stories.

To quote dubs68 who posted on facebook:

SVCE, you’ve really been a wrong place with all the right people.

It’s been one amazing roller-coaster ride and as the coaster cars come to a halt -thank you all for that splendiferou adventure and moments. Here’s to the class of ’13!


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