Here’s to ‘The Beach’

follow the footprints in the sand

with words in the wind and corn in your hand.

across the still sand, rolling waves

dig out buried feet with seafoam sprays

Clearly, ‘The Beach’ is one of my favourite places. And to the uninitiated, I’m referring to the Elliot’s Beach, Chennai. (Wiki link, yes!) Besides the fact that I stay right next to it, it has been the place to meet with friends over the years. There have been so many different sets of people I’ve gone to the beach with. And almost a weekend routine for some of us. So many stories, es-cah-pays, and madness. And needless to say, due to the number of people who come here has inspired a string of commercial (mostly eating) places along the beach. Which of course, we can’t resist. depending on the common budget.  That’s another great thing, the fact that it’s a great place to stroll around when you and a friend are currently broke and/or have long talks. We’ve been there early in the morning to see the laughter club, the ultimate (frisbee) players, the dogs-walkers and the sun rising above the Schmidt Memorial. Evenings and nights have been a lot more crowded,but fun nevertheless. There’s the favourite eating haunts, which once began with heading to Cozee. It’s almost like we’re spoiled for choice now.

Having lived next to the beach for the biggest chunk of my life, I’ve taken its existence to be permanent. And then, if you look at a map, the coastal area is quite minimal. And I feel extremely lucky to have grown up in Chennai with what is ‘our’ beach culture. I just realized that moving to Philadelphia would mean that there is no ‘let’s go to the beach; I’m bored’ scenario. Of course, there might be a new let’s-just-go-there place, but the beach has always been special.

So here’s to the place with most number of stories. (After all, bad decisions make great stories! )

//I don’t know.

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