Breakfast and the T in Boston – Part 1

The workload here is insane, but I’m not complaining. I knew I signed up for lots of work; and the challenge is a good change. And that’s how I ended up with a well deserved fall break. And so, I headed to Boston, MA.

First impression : Holy crazy land of cold! I think it was to be expected, given the early hour of reaching Boston/Waltham. Stayed with a friend at Waltham. Speaking of which, I found where I stayed at in Waltham just an amazingly pretty suburban residential area. Fall colours were all around, and you could see typical white-picket lawn fences and houses with pumpkins on the porch. Such pretty, picturesque sights. And that crazy one-time moment when we walked under a tree now yellow leaves that just made you go wow. It was just so perfectly yellow, with just the few slants of sun filtered through the leaves; and yellow leaves on the ground. It seemed like I was transported to this seemingly perfect garden for a very short while. And while we did walk under that tree a few more times, it wasn’t this. Can you tell that I loved this place, already?

Boston’s such a great place to walk around. It really is beautiful with a whole load of history right in front of you. Of course, we walked through the hallowed Harvard halls and a midnight stroll through MIT despite the cold was worth it. Obviously, I haven’t explored Philly as much yet, but somehow I found Boston to have more of a book-scene. With book stores, reading/eating cafes (Isn’t that such an amazing concept?!) and second-hand bookstores, a bibliophile like me would love it.

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Again, on the literary scene, there were installations themed on “Poetry in Sculpture” which was just so mesmerizing. Two creative aspects that blend in together that makes you appreciate it even more.

The Boston skyline from one of the docks was a spectacular sight, with the sun fading away, and lights. One other amazing view of Boston skyline was when it was pretty clousy and misty and the tops of these skyscrapers were fading off in the mist. Again, very beautiful. Walking down one of the bridges across the Charles River again had some pretty amazing skyline views.

I did start off with the idea of one post, but it ended up being too huge; and hence the split.


Click here for part two.


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