An applause in three parts

The wind carries with it an uplifting tune; let your hair dance to it. If petrichor can hold you locked onto the moment as streaks of light dispersed envelopes you – let it.  Put on a performance. Smile. Thunderstorms will startle you.


(yes, you)

are my summertime joys

my box of mangoes with a crown

your smile, it curves

like watermelon slices;

you are sticky stains of kulfi

my sweet summer respite.

your voice

(a melody, a cacophony)

rising up to a cresendo

measured by the dancing hands

and the distances to beaches.

you are grains of salt

crafting my mind.

you’ve held my hand;

and scraped against neem trees

you radiate the morning glory

in tales of laughter and filter coffee.

you are familiar faces

— a collection of my places


Candles, talks, tales and people. Applaud.


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